Beauty Queen

Thank you to Principal Mrs. Bennett-Carter for allowing this beautiful collaboration between North Drive Elementary, PRIMPLIFE, and our founder, Miss Wayne County International 2019! We will have a new class of PRIMPLIFE girls beginning in Fall 2019 where we can support a one year series of workshops on topics of inner confidence, grace, kindness, and uplifting one another at our partner school, North Drive Elementary.


What did we learn?

“ Thank you for making me feel beautiful”… this was the takeaway of the workshop as one of the beautiful little PRIMPLIFE queens said to me as we were about to take our photos. These girls are already beautiful, talented, and smart but to know that during this workshop they were able to recognize and realize this is awe inspiring. This is how we #PRIMPLIFE and this is what it’s all about. View our highlights from the workshop below!!

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To be apart of this journey and apart of our next Beauty Queen series please click sign up below. Any volunteers, donors, sponsors, and participants are ever so appreciated. That’s how we primplife!

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