Remodel U

In our first annual “Remodel U Summit” the participants learned about self expression and being confident in themselves. Using what they learned from the PRIMPLIFE comic/curricula and modeling lessons from “HardPress Studio”, the girls participated in a fun runway and photo op session. That’s how we #PRIMPLIFE!



The summit kicked off with an intro to PRIMPLIFE! Teaching self expression through comic books, activities, and more. Scroll down to see how!



One of the highlights of the summit was our modeling lessons by Jasmine Rhodes of Hardpress Studio. When self expression meets posing and runway, the girls got to strut their confidence.


That’s how we primplife!

We put it all together as the girls got to #PRIMPLIFE on camera. This shows how expression and confidence translates through images. Sign up for the next “Remodel U PRIMPLIFE” summit below!

What did we learn?

See what the participants had to say about the workshop! Confidence, expression, and the photo-shoot were the big highlights of the summit!


PRIMPLIFE always comes into play to help inspire and save the day. Below is a sample of our curriculum for the summit. In true PRIMPLIFE fashion we always start with a motivational mantra, followed by an icebreaker, a lesson, story time, and a fun activity! Scroll below to see for yourself.

We couldn’t make awesome events like this happen without you! The confidence and esteem of a young girl is to be nurtured, encouraged, and strengthened from the heart at the very start. The Primplife Plan is here to make that happen through our comic and workshop series. To be apart of this journey and apart of our next Remodel U Summit please click sign up below. Any volunteers, donors, sponsors, and participants are ever so appreciated. That’s how we primplife!